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Finch Tetzlaff LLP is a business, real estate and property dispute law firm based in Los Angeles.

We have considerable experience handling contract and tort claims, general business, landlord-tenant disputes, interstate and intrastate moving and storage claims, employment disputes, fraud and nondisclosure cases between buyers and sellers and brokers and agents, unfair competition, and trade secret litigation.

When you need attorneys to provide knowledgable, experienced guidance and advice, we can help.

A Law Firm With Substantial Courtroom Experience

Our attorneys have represented clients in a variety of forums, ranging from mediation and arbitrations to both federal and state courts throughout California and the Western United States.

While we focus on prelitigation counseling, settlement negotiations, and pre-litigation planning, we are prepared and experienced litigators to handle your litigated matters through mediation and arbitration, jury and bench trials, as well as appeals before the California Court of Appeal and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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We have more than three decades of combined experience working in many different types of firms. This gives us a unique advantage, as we have handled cases at all different levels from district to supreme courts.

Throughout our legal careers, we have been responsible for handling all aspects of a variety of defense, business, real estate, transportation, employment, and intellectual property matters, from Point A (prelitigation mediations and contract negotiations, preparation, and analysis) through Point Z (trials and appeals).

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We have taken and defended numerous key expert and lay witness depositions across the nation and handled mediations in numerous venues. We assist when you need help navigating the legal system. Contact our Calabasas office today at (818) 436-6411 or fill out this contact form.